Have You Heard About 517 Living?

Amy Romback, Macaroni Kid: East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett May 30, 2019

Well, have you? If you haven't and you live in the 517 you HAVE to check out it!  I had the pleasure of meeting the creator and owner of 517 Living, Sarah Pierce, a few months back and let me tell you, this woman is a gem. She's one of the biggest advocates for the Greater Lansing Area and she genuinely cares about the people and businesses that live here. She's created this amazing resource that not only connects our community as a whole but fosters personal and professional relationships among it's members. Read more about 517 Living below. What it is, how it got started and where it's going. All directly from Sarah Pierce herself. 

What is 517 Living?

In short, 517 Living is a cluster of platforms that help connect Greater Lansing Area (517) folks with local businesses, organizations, places, events, activities, goods, services, opportunities, ideas, people, & experiences. The two primary platforms are the website (517living.com), which features a community-built event calendar, and our Facebook networking group, which serves as a communication hub for over 21,000 locally-connected folks.

Why and when did you start it?

I started 517 Living for two main reasons:

1. I wanted to provide an effective and affordable way for 517 area businesses to connect with their communities.

2. I knew that the 517 had so much more to offer than most people realize, and I wanted to help myself and others in the community to really learn to love where we live.

517 Living began as a twitter account in April of 2014! While the twitter platform is now my least used resource, it was a valuable starting point for the many ideas buzzing around in my head, and it led me to launch the website and calendar in December of 2015.

You see a lot of events and activities for all ages in the area. What are some of you favorite date night activities? Curious parents want to know :)

Ooh, good question! Well, we always enjoy going to any kind of festival, and there are many listed on the calendar, but here are a few of my favorite recent dates:

1. Dinner and drinks at the Eaton Pub & Grille before an intimate, speakeasy-esque, live musical performance in the back room at Charlotte's Windwalker Underground Gallery. 

2. Splitting a filet (they're huge) at Bowdies Chophouse before a performance at Downtown Lansing's Riverwalk Theatre. Reservations recommended!

3. Strolling around Old Town Lansing during Arts Night Out, which is a monthly event where businesses bring in local artists and hors d’oeuvres for the public to enjoy!

How can the community support this wonderful resource?

The best way to support this resource is to use it, use it, use it. Share relevant information with our Facebook group, attend events from the website calendar, add #517living to your community-focused social media posts, and encourage your local friends and family to do the same! Positive Google and Facebook reviews are great, as well!

Are there any new plans with 517 Living in the making that we can look forward to?

Yes! This year's 517 Living Community Night is being planned for October 3, 2019. This event will include local music, art, activities, vendors, and food, and it will be family friendly!  Details will be announced in our group, calendar, and other platforms very soon. So save the date!

What's your favorite thing about what you do?

I love the magic of small connections. When people makes the choice to post to our group or calendar, it creates endless possibilities and opportunities for themselves and others. Something as simple as an encouraging comment or question on someone's Facebook group post could lead to a new business idea, a life-long friendship, or who knows what else!  My mission is to force myself and others out of our comfort zones and into new, life-enhancing experiences.