Event Submission Guidelines

• To get started, click the green “post your event” button, located to the top right of our homepage calendar. This service is 100% free of charge.

• Please be as thorough as possible when creating your event! Fill out every applicable field (including the often-missed "include map" box), and be sure to add a colorful and detailed description.

• If you would like to create a recurring event (e.g., craft club every Monday @ 8 pm), simply include a note in the event description to let us know which dates to repeat the event and when to end it.

• If your event spans multiple consecutive days (e.g., festivals) you can decide whether it is more appropriate to create one event with the specific dates and times listed in the description or to create a separate event for each day. We may make adjustments from our end, if we see fit.

• Use full urls (e.g., http://www.517living.com, rather than www.517living.com or 517living.com) for website and registration data fields! Partial urls will create broken links.

• Upload a high resolution featured image, as a low res image will end up blurry in the event popup window.

• Double check for typos and misinformation (paying close attention to dates and times) before clicking the “submit event” button.

Your event will be posted once approved.

• If your event is changed or canceled, please let us know ASAP!

• Have fun and post often! We love helping people who help themselves.

TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS: Clear your cache, try a different browser (e.g., Chrome instead of Explorer), or use a different device. If you’re still having trouble after those steps, please let us know!


Questions? Shoot us a message.

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